Update on that new Dating Site!

Ok, so apparently the new site I previously listed has closed down!

That’s a shame, but fear not, there are many other excellent dating resources available on the web. Here’s a sweet little list of the sites I currently enjoy reading on a regular basis.

First, we have The Art of Seduction, an excellent site on picking up girls, generating attraction and improving yourself from within.

Second but certainly not least, one of the major authorities on pickup is the Seduction-Chronicles, they have a LOT of good advice and regularly updated articles. If you want to know what’s “in”, that’s the place to be.

Finally, one of my favorite reference sites is Seduction Nation. If you’re new, then this is a great place to start as everything from opening, to building attraction and comfort is covered in detail here.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

– Chris

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