The launch of my new dating site

Well it’s finally here… I’ve been meaning to launch a cleaner, more professional seduction site for a long time now. You see, the problem with my blog was that it was an older layout, a little disorganized and I feel it lacked the strength to really compete in 2009-2010. So when I set out to create the new site, I was thinking ahead… thinking big. I wanted to cover everything on dating, including but not limited to approaching women, opening sets, picking up girls, building attraction, dressing up to attract women, building comfort, relationship management… pretty much every topic you can think of when dealing with women.

So after building the site behind the scenes for 3 months, I’m proud to finally unveil HowToSeduction which aims to be the definitive source for pickup information. I think the content is there, the quality is there… the only thing that will be a hurdle for me is to build a community that is both genuine and helpful. If I can build a good community on top of providing reference quality material on dating, I’ll be happy.

Right now the top articles on the site, and the ones I recommend reading are:
How to Approach Girls
How To Make a Girl Smile
and Demonstrating Higher Value – DHV

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