Getting Your Ex back – Is it Possible?

Sometimes you just don’t know what you have until it’s gone… and then you have yourself wondering:

Should I have let my ex go?

And… soon after, how do I get my ex back?

Such is the story of many men (myself included, I’m not immune to it). In the game of love, some hearts are bounded to be broken. That’s why our sister site, Waytoosocial, as published a new paper looking into the science behind breaking up and getting back together with your ex.

how to get your ex back quicklyUsing psychological tricks to increase the odds can help however sometimes it’s just about getting back to the basics and resolving the issue that originally caused the split to occur.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back

There is no straightforward way to get your ex-girlfriend back however you can increase the odds of that happening by going to work on yourself. The number one reason people break up in a relationship is because they don’t see a future together… correction: they don’t see a future with to get your ex backThe number one reason people break up in a relationship is just because one person stop trying. Sometimes both people stop trying and then you end up having a bad relationship so what you need to do to get back into that relationship is to start working on yourself and resolve any issues that might have risen while you’re in that relationship. The trick to getting your ex back is to improve yourself. Sometimes though, it’s just not meant to be and you’re better off finding someone else then trying to force things back with your ex girlfriend

My favourite thing to do after a relationship ends is to make a list of all the things that I wanted to do but couldn’t while in the relationship. Then I systematically go through that list accomplishing all the things that I wanted to do and I post about it on social media. My ex significant other sees these posts and it entices them to contact me again.

Deciding if the relationship is best for both of you

Sometimes you have to face the hard decision in a relationship that you just aren’t meant to be together. If that’s the case then maybe it’s better that you break up. Being an adult and making hard decisions is what life is all about. You have to remember there are millions of people out there and if you stay with your ex you might not meet the right person for you.

getting your ex backYou’re still thinking about your ex girlfriend and you’re convinced that you really need to get back together then make sure you read the article on the way to social. It will change your life and change the way you approach relationships in general.

Until you do, you’ll never really know if you gave up too easily or if it really wasn’t meant to be. I’m wishing you a happy getting back together party in the near future! Oh and make sure to work on the relationship to keep it healthy once you get it back.

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It’s been a while… New Dating Advice Updated

Wow, so it’s been such a long time since I posted, let’s just go over what new sites you should be checking (a part from this one of course!)

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, as my friends launched new websites  (Dating Advice Secrets), new mobile apps and even entire games dedicated to dating (Richard, I’m looking at you!) 

To sum it all up, it’s a a lot of really good content when it comes to learning about women.

In other news, I just posted an article on getting a girlfriend on my own blog, WayTooSocial, I’d recommend you check that one out as well.

Now… let’s concentrate on fixing this little back-end problem I’ve been having and we’ll be back on track!

Updating the dating book references

As I’m sure you have noticed, quite a few (if not all) the references on the main site are outdated. We’re going to have to go and update all of it… it might take a while but we’ll get there!

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The launch of my new dating site

Well it’s finally here… I’ve been meaning to launch a cleaner, more professional seduction site for a long time now. You see, the problem with my blog was that it was an older layout, a little disorganized and I feel it lacked the strength to really compete in 2009-2010. So when I set out to create the new site, I was thinking ahead… thinking big. I wanted to cover everything on dating, including but not limited to approaching women, opening sets, picking up girls, building attraction, dressing up to attract women, building comfort, relationship management… pretty much every topic you can think of when dealing with women.

So after building the site behind the scenes for 3 months, I’m proud to finally unveil HowToSeduction which aims to be the definitive source for pickup information. I think the content is there, the quality is there… the only thing that will be a hurdle for me is to build a community that is both genuine and helpful. If I can build a good community on top of providing reference quality material on dating, I’ll be happy.

Right now the top articles on the site, and the ones I recommend reading are:
How to Approach Girls
How To Make a Girl Smile
and Demonstrating Higher Value – DHV

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Update on that new Dating Site!

Ok, so apparently the new site I previously listed has closed down!

That’s a shame, but fear not, there are many other excellent dating resources available on the web. Here’s a sweet little list of the sites I currently enjoy reading on a regular basis.

First, we have The Art of Seduction, an excellent site on picking up girls, generating attraction and improving yourself from within.

Second but certainly not least, one of the major authorities on pickup is the Seduction-Chronicles, they have a LOT of good advice and regularly updated articles. If you want to know what’s “in”, that’s the place to be.

Finally, one of my favorite reference sites is Seduction Nation. If you’re new, then this is a great place to start as everything from opening, to building attraction and comfort is covered in detail here.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

– Chris

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New Site in Town !

Every once in a while, a new site pops up that’s a little different from all the others. Today, I think I just discovered one of these sites. It’s called Seduction Nation and just from looking at it, I can tell that it will have a good future in store for it.

First, the look of it… it’s professional, easy to navigate.
Second, the content is fresh, new and updated regularly.
Finally, the guys who run it really care about their site… and to me, that’s the most important thing when a new dating website emerges.

So go check it out !

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Cocky and Funny

The number one product currently on Seduction Books is Double You Dating, and inside it one of the most crucial techniques is named cocky and funny. Although this is aimed at men, it is widely used by both men AND female to increase attraction.

The idea is the following, cocky and funny statements are sentences or even complete ideas that sub-communicate “I’m a good potential mate” without sounding like it.

The cockiness part of the statement says, almost directly: “Look at me, I’m good”
The funny part of the statement makes it socially acceptable so you don’t seem arrogant, overly confident, egotistical and all the other negative connotations that can often be associated with cocky statements.

A more in depth explanation of cocky and funny provides some examples, pitfalls to watch and how to truly use this technique to it’s fullest potential.

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The Art of Seductions

Sometimes you come across a great resource that you just want to share with other people… and today that resource is the Art of Seduction page. I recently stumbled upon that page, and to my amazement, it has a lot of really well written articles on every subject a man can possibly want.

From picking up women, to attracting women and just becoming an overall better man, that site has it all.

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Mystery on Conan

Mystery was on Conan O’Brian last Friday promoting his book, The Mystery Method.

Unfortunately, Conan tried to rip him to shreds in the interview. He picked on aspects of the pickup which sound odd when they are out of context. Ie: The peacocking concept.

Overall, I believe this interview gave Mystery some added exposure, but it won’t bring in new sales for people who hadn’t heard of him before. His book is one of the best currently available, but I don’t believe he got a chance to properly illustrate that on Conan that night.

Update: Video links taken down because Youtube videos are unavailable.

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The 10 Books He Read To Steal My Girlfriend

Over the years I have read many seduction related books, and there are a few that really should be required reading for any seducer. A few, that will set any man apart, that will give him that certain edge. All of these are written for a general audience. These are the cream of the crop. I wouldn’t consider someone a top seducer until he has read at least half these books.

1. Mystery Method

The Mystery Method book, also known as the Venusian Arts handbook is the most useful, complete and influential book on seduction. It is the staple and the reference guide to all seducers that are serious about their skills. Nearly every other book mentions the Mystery Method in one way or another, either to praise it, like in The Game, or to improve on it.

Reading the Mystery Method is enough in itself, but acts even better as a foundation on which to build on. Reading the Mystery Method is like reading a spell book, it gives you the tingling sensation that you have found the secret to seduction.

2. Savoy’s Magic Bullet

This book will surely win the 2007 award for best pickup book. It is the evolution of the Mystery Method. A revised, revamped, new and improved version of the Mystery Method written by one of the Mystery Method instructors, Savoy. The reason this book is so good is because it takes the concepts from the Mystery Method, practices them for 2 years, and then refines them even more. The theory behind this book is very similar to the Mystery Method, the only reason this book isn’t first on the list is because it is too new and has not had time to prove itself, like the Mystery Method has, for over 4 years. Magic bullets should be on everyone’s short list of must read books.

3. The game – Neil Strauss Style

The book The Game takes you through the journey of a Neil Strauss, a guy who seemed completely hopeless who turned himself into one of the world’s greatest seducers. Even though this book could be recommended on its entertainment value alone, it is one of the greatest examples of how to learn seduction. Throughout the book, Neil explains how he develops his technique, learning from all the greatest masters. Once you start reading The Game, you’ll need to reserve at least 3 days because you won’t be able to put it down. Ever since this book came out, the seduction community has grown exponentially.

4. David DeAngelo – Double your dating

The friendly, simple, easy to understand, best selling guide Double your Dating should also be on your short list of must have books. Even though it has a cheesy title, it is still one of the most influential books one should read and teaches anyone how to attract women without using any techniques. This book is crucial to seducers as it works with you from the inside out. Many other books refer to this one, although none of them teach you the essential skills such as Double Your Dating. This book is often one of the first books people read, and is the best book for beginners and intermediates alike.

5. Charisma Arts – By Juggler

The book Charisma arts by Juggler is a highly recommended read because it takes all the elements from advanced gurus and simplifies them into easy, natural ways of proceeding. Juggler provides the most natural approach, one that is very easy to apply. This book is unique in the sense that it applies to both beginners whom have no experience whatsoever and experts who have a lot of technique, but wish to move to a more natural approach. Charisma Arts was one of the most refreshing books that I have read in a long time.

Lance provides advanced techniques which will be useful to seducers who have a good base in seduction. This book focuses on both technique and on natural game. This book originally wasn’t going to make the list, but was so highly recommended by people that I have decided to include it. This book has been mentioned in many newspapers and is constantly mentioned among pickup artists.

Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. After reading this book, you truly understand the deeper levels of communication of a woman. Everyone says women are emotional. But what are her emotional needs? What does a woman REALLY mean when she says something? Why do women call most men “clueless”?

Frank has identified some of the most important, if not to say, fundamental needs of women. Why does it bother women to be called sluts (I’m sure guys wouldn’t feel the way a woman feels if called a player!)? Why do women say one thing and do another? Why do women end up dating “assholes” (what are the qualities the asshole possesses?)? Why does a woman feel remorse after sleeping with you / kissing you in a club?

These are then type of situations all men have gone through and only few know how to handle in order to be the real man who knows how to satisfy the woman’s needs. This is not a book about pick-up lines. This is a book that will teach you how to get in touch with your masculinity in order to adopt the correct mindset, hence addressing a woman’s emotional needs. Unless you are a man whose love-life is exactly the way you want it to be or woman who’s found the perfect man, I wouldn’t think twice before reading this work of art.

Ok, there are only 7 titles that every seducer should read. If I would of been adding more, it would have been solely for the purpose of having a nice title. I’d rather spare you the BS. I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t truly believe in anyways.

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